Hey, I'm Aiden👋 aka SKRRRTT

About Me

  • Overall

    I have been interested in web development since the age of 15 but never attempted to create anything until I was almost 17 as I never knew where to start. By the end of my education, I hope to secure a rewarding job in web development, as it is a lifelong passion of mine. I enjoy creating things and find great satisfaction when others genuinely use and appreciate the end product.

  • Frontend

    I have about a year of experience with frontend development, and I have worked with a variety of different frameworks and libraries.

  • Backend

    I haven't had as much experience with backend development. I am currently learning how to use Fastify (nodejs) and Elysia (bun) to create APIs.

  • Other Technologies

    When it comes to the development process, I use a wide variety of tools, services, and technologies.